Kitchen Technologies You Should Include in Your Kitchen Design

The technological innovations nowadays have stepped up and altered what is possible, even in our kitchen area. So, if you are planning for a kitchen renovation in Kanata and make it more innovative, make sure to never forget adding kitchen technologies into it. If you want to know the most popular means of getting a smart kitchen, check out the items below:

Device bowl

It’s a fun idea to have a big bowl in the middle of your table. This way, everybody who sits down to eat their meals will be required to put their phones in the bowl. This can promote a much-needed break from the use of technology, more eye contact, lively conversation, and a tech-free dinner.

Kitchen appliances

Though you may not require high-technology appliances in your kitchen, they are still extremely fun to have. When you want to maximize your kitchen technology, it would be best tor resort for a fridge that can stream music and with a touchscreen, a microwave that changes its presets according to your usage, a trashcan that opens with just a wave of a hand, or a stove that you can switch on and off through your smartphone. Just keep in mind that technology changes rapidly and such advanced kitchen appliances may be required to be changed sooner compared to their low-technology versions.

Hidden screens

Tablets or small television screens can assist you when it comes to giving you entertainment while working in the kitchen and help you in preparing a meal. You can assign a shelving space or be creative by covering the screen in a cabinet. Just keep in mind to make room for wires and plan for a cable hookup.

Touch-activated faucets

Out of all technological inventions, this is probably the most practical one. If you decide to get a touch-activated faucet in your kitchen, you can switch your water off and on by just touching it using either your elbow, arm, wrist, or hand. This is ideal for those moments if you have messy hands and you do not want to create a greater mess to attempt being clean.

Charging stations

It would be a great idea to consider moving cameras, tablets, and phones to a built-in charging station concealed within a drawer. Doing this can just free-up counter area while making sure that your devices will be fully charged all the time. Moreover, it keeps them out of mind and out of sight as well.

Alexa or Google Home

With the help of hands-free devices, such as Alexa and Google Home, you’ll be able to instantly get the recipe, set several timers, and even get your recipes read to you. Cooking can get more fun and easier with these devices since you can just request them to make a kitchen playlist or even play a podcast so that you can hum to your favorite music as you work.

Kitchen innovation has made working and cooking in the kitchen a lot of fun and easier. Hence, if you’re thinking of your kitchen design, think about having the latest kitchen technologies.