Things to Look for in a Roof

For your home, picking high-quality roofing is extremely crucial. It’s the first barrier between bad weather and your belongings. In addition to that, it costs a lot more compared to doors and windows. Thus, you have to really pay close attention if you are buying a new roof.

Aside from hiring professional roofing contractors Irvine, you also need to choose the right roof. Here are a couple of tips:

Fire Hazards

It might save your life one day if you check the fire resistance of a roof before you buy it. every material acts differently with fire. Careful choices are vital depending on the region you live in.


You should not buy a roof that does not come with warranties. Expert roofing contractors provide both labor and manufacturing warranties. Labor warranty ensures the quality of the worker and the manufacturing warranty cover the roofing material.

Manufacturing warranties can last from 1 to 5 decades. This depends on the material you pick. Usually, the labor warranty lasts a lot less. Aside from that, you also have to read what the warranty covers and save every invoice and receipt.


Possibilities are the roof will stay longer in the house than you and your loved ones since they’ve got longer lifespans. Because of this, you’ve got to consider the aesthetics. You do not want to pick a roof that does not match to your home’s design.

When it comes to buying a house nowadays, the exterior looks are the main priority. It might lower the value of your home if you’ve got an ugly roof. You avoid experimentation and pick neutral colors to guarantee this does not happen. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t compromise quality when considering aesthetics.


The choices are quite limited when it comes to picking the material. But, the decision can still be hard because every material has its own benefits and drawbacks.

  • Tile

This is the most environmentally friendly material. It is entirely made of eco-friendly materials. It can last up to 10 decades if properly installed.

  • Metal

This is commonly utilized in modern houses. It offers a lot of benefits. It can last up to 5 to 10 decades, depending on the metal type.

  • Wood

This roofing material provides great insulation. Aside from that, it lasts longer than asphalt and has high efficiency.

  • Asphalt

This is the most affordable material available. Thus, it’s the most common. It has a shorter lifespan.

Energy Efficiency

There are a lot of roof manufacturers out there. When it comes to roofing, you have to check the roof’s energy efficiency. Typically, it is marked by efficiency ratings such as Energy Stars.

If the roof is marked with Energy Stars, it means that it has successfully passed particular examinations on energy efficiency. The forms of products that go through this test vary from building materials and electrical kettles. Fortunately, there are a lot of roofs nowadays with an energy star rating. Meanwhile, roofs that aren’t rated have higher possibilities of collapsing, leaks, and cracks.

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